There aren’t too many things that are truly free in this world – but how does $10,000 a month in Google Ad budget sound?

Most registered charities in Canada are eligible for a Google Grant of $10,000 a month ongoing.

Of course there are some strings. You have to sign up to an organistaion called TechSoup who will validate your charity credentials but once you file your paperwork and have your website reviewed, you will be granted a budget for Google search ads only (not display or Youtube ads).

The ads you run  must reflect the mission of the approved non-profit organisation and your keywords must be relevant to the non-profit’s programmes and services. If you are selling goods or services then all proceeds must go to support your organization.

You must actively manage your Google Ads campaign – at a minimum log in monthly and make changes at least every 90 days.

There is a bid limit of $2 per click ( Google Ad prices are based on an auction system) and for the most competetive categories – think fundraising – that won’t get you near the top of the page, but if you have a niche or you think creatively when selecting your relevant keywords this is really free money from Google.

Graeme Boyd
Online Marketing Consultant