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Digital Marketing

For over 20 years Emanation has been providing effective marketing services to business and non-profit clients. We specialise in the strategic planning, implementation and analysis of paid digital marketing.

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

  • You have invested in a great website, but you aren’t getting the traffic you want?
  • Had your fingers burned by SEO agencies who promise the earth and deliver very little?

Promoting your business on the web requires planning time and resources.

Online marketing from Emanation will deliver results within the very first month – and we have no long contracts. You pay month to month so we work hard to keep you happy.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Online Marketing Strategy

All campaigns to be effective have to be part of an online marketing strategy, working toward achieving your organizations goals.

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Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

It may sound trite but it is often true. To have a uccessful online marketing campaign you have to set your objectives, implement your promotions and monitor and measure your progress towards tyour goals. If the measures show you arent achieving your goals then you have to re-assess and make changes.

We at Emanation take time to understand your business and your marketing objectives and only then to propose campaigns across different platforms to achieve your goals at the lowest cost. Nobody likes to spend more than they have to – right?

Paid Facebook & Instagram Campaigns

Social Media reaches far and wide – especially when you pay to promote – but you want to target your potential clients efficiently.

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Social Media promotions on Facebook and Instagram are often the least expensive form of online advertising. They are best used to build awareness of your product and service and win “endorsement” from users which benefits from peer recognition.

Facebook and Instagram are great platforms if you are promoting a relatively new or unknown product or service to a targeting set of consumers -they have great targeting options.

For business to business products and services LinkedIn is the go to platform with great targeting to reach specific job holders with either ads or personalized messages.

Google Analytics

With each new campaign you can learn more about the behaviour of online clients. Using Google Analytics helps us get better each time.

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Google Analytics is a free tool for your website that monitors the activity of all your site visitors. It can tell you how they find your site, what pages they visit, how long they stay on those pages and what action they may take.

When you run promotions you want to know more than the end result. Google Analytics, correctly installed and interpreted, can give you the insight to make tweaks in your campaign or on your website pages which can boost the results of your campaigns dramatically.

Copywriting for Results

Copywriting for websites and online ads requires specialist skills to encourage web users to take the desired “action”.

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Copywriting is an underappreciated skill and so very important to the successful outcomes of many marketing initiatives. Marketing is about persuading people to change their behaviour, to take action. Often websites are stuffed  full of passive description of products and services with weak, if any strong “calls to action”. Web users are often in skimming mode. They glance at blocks of text and move on quickly. Attention spans are short. You need skillful copywriting to produce concise text that will make them stop, digest and then take action.

So what are you waiting for? If this could help your organization just get in touch with Emanation today for a discussion about your needs. It’s free – with no obligation.

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Google Search Marketing

Almost everyone uses Google. You can have your listing on top of the search results within a day – and you only pay when a visitor clicks to your website.

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Many people have tried Google Ads. Google makes it so easy to spend your money. Sure everyone wants to be on top of search listings, but for what purpose?

An effective Google Ads campaign comes from much experimenting and tweaking so the clicks you get are the visitors with intent and interested in purchasing your products. Google Ads includes simple text ads, static or dynamic display ads and even video ads on their Youtube platform.

Which combination is best for your organization?

Email Marketing

The lowest cost business comes from existing clients. You need segmented email marketing to reach the right people with the right offer.

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Email marketing sounds old-fashioned but it can be the most effective marketing weapon in your armory – at a low cost too.

Well written emails to targeted prospects can yield impressive results. Never think of your email list as a monolith. It needs to be segmented into clients, prospects, suspects. Further you may want to segment by particular product interest.

You need powerful and effective copywriting: an email subject that gives high open rates and concise body copy that both engages and provokes action.

How do you build your email list? Maybe you need campaigns with an intermediate goal of securing email addresses (and the right to make contact) before you send out that “can’t miss” offer.

How do you store and organise your email list? a spreadsheet, MailChimp or Salesforce? Emanation can recommend the best tool for your needs and guide you to effective Email Marketing.

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